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Zac Efron Meets First We Feast (Video)

Zac Efron is the man. But can he survive the First We Feast hot wings? Let’s see how this goes for him.

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Who Remembers Vine? (Video Compilation)

We came across some old school Vine videos and we thought it would be nice to bring some of the funniest vine video compilations back just for the heck of it. Here you are, enjoy the laughs. RIP Vine videos.

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Jimmy Kimmel’s Wax Figure Prank is On Point

This is one top notch celebrity prank. Jimmy Kimmel Live pranks his staff with his wax figure. Hard to explain in text so check out the prank video.

Perfect Pranks Videos

Lance210 with an Epic Bathroom Scare Prank Video

Some people know how to pull a scary prank, others don’t. Here’s somebody that can truly pull a top prank and they call it lights out.

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Top Beautiful Internet Models

We have found the top internet stars on the subreddit /internetstars along with their names. That said, you are very welcome. Be sure to go follow each sexy internet models aka what you call a model today. Some Rachel Cook, Lindsey Pelas, Kiki Passo, Brianna Dale and more.

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Faith Ramone
Faith Ramone

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The Most Ridiculous Plane Ticket Ever (Video)

The title sounds boring but the video is insane. People actually pay for these plane tickets – ask us why and we wouldn’t be able to give you an answer other than people have too much money.


Nerds Playing Basketball in the Hood

RIP. Heres a worthy yet unexpected video of nerds playing basketball in the hood. And you may or may not expect what is about to happen.

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Gallery of Hot GIFS to Bookmark

We seem to lead the search with our sexy gif images. We want to stay on top of that so we gathered some more of the hottest gifs we could find from gyfcat and reddit. You are welcome.

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It Wasn’t Me Mom

Puppies doing puppy things. How innocent this puppy is. Well this is animals being animals, doing animal things.

via Gfycat

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Charlie Day Loves His Hot Wings

We’re back at it with ‘Hot Ones’ on Youtube where celebrities sit and answer questions while eating on the hottest wings ever. Nothing funnier than Charlie Day in the mix.

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10 of the Hottest GIFS to Bookmark

They may only run for a minute but these are some of the hottest gifs we found throughout reddit and gyfcat. You are welcome.

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First We Feast: Paul Rudd Dabs

We have absolutely got addicted to this Youtube channel, Fire We Feast. They have celebrities eat hot wings with all sorts of hot sauces. And when they say mild to extremely hot, it will bring tears to your eyes like Paul Rudd.

Paul Rudd Dabs