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Zac Efron Meets First We Feast (Video)

Zac Efron is the man. But can he survive the First We Feast hot wings? Let’s see how this goes for him.

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Charlie Day Loves His Hot Wings

We’re back at it with ‘Hot Ones’ on Youtube where celebrities sit and answer questions while eating on the hottest wings ever. Nothing funnier than Charlie Day in the mix.

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First We Feast: Paul Rudd Dabs

We have absolutely got addicted to this Youtube channel, Fire We Feast. They have celebrities eat hot wings with all sorts of hot sauces. And when they say mild to extremely hot, it will bring tears to your eyes like Paul Rudd.

Paul Rudd Dabs

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The Top 10 TV MILFs of All Time

We cannot say hottest moms of all time but we do have the most recent list of the top milfs on TV these days including some faves from Modern Family and Weeds.

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Celebrities Doing Perfect Celebrity Impressions

This is a different funny video we’re showing you. Usually its random people doing celebrity impressions but in this video is a funny celebrity video of actual celebrities doing impressions

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Khloe Kardashian Pic Gallery Gone Skinny

Just another sexy Kardashian sister picture gallery. This one featuring fresh and sexy Khloe Kardashian pictures. Enjoy if you like, you know, the Kardashian sisters since they almost are all the same.

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Celebs in Thongs

Everybody wears thongs. That’s why we caught some of the more recent and hot celebrities in thongs pictures for you to check out. Surprisingly Beyonce in a thong from years ago to today’s Kendall Jenner in a thong.

Meg Turney in Thong

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T-Pain Walks Off Stage After Being Clocked with a Ball

I don’t blame him but then again it could of easily been a mistake when T-Pain got hit with a ball on stage. It does though look like a straight peg to the head tbh. Does this go under the funny section?

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Tom Green and Xzibit Freestyle Classic (Video)

Who remembers Tom Green? He is still around but we have to bring back some classic Tom Green videos like this freestyle rap video with Xzibit!

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Celebrity Deathmatch: The Rock vs Chris Rock (Video)

Good news. MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch will be relaunching. You read it right, with the help of Ice Cube the infamous Celebrity Deathmatch so we thought we would bring a more recent deathmatch with Dwayne Johnson vs Chris Rock. Because why not!

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Olivia Munn Loves To Dress Up, and Down!

Lets all say hello to one of the hottest celebrities in our opinion, on the planet! We have an Olivia Munn picture gallery courtesy of our favorite image gallery, Flashback photos to some current, either way she’s still sexy.

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15 Pics That Shows Jennifer Lopez Doesn’t Age

At her age today, Jennifer Lopez probably has one of the sexiest bodies hand down. I don’t care about all these other sexy selfies we have but at almost 50 Jennifer Lopez’s body is #1. (source: Instagram)

Jennifer Lopez Bod

Jennifer Lopez Hip Cleavage