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Epic! News Reporter Gets High Live on Set (Video)

If you haven’t already seen this funny video then press play already. If you have, you’re probably going to watch it again. Watch as this news reporter gets high on the set, well because you’ll see why.

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Pablo Escobar Caused Hippo Problems? (Video)

If you’re interested in history and drugs, maybe even animals then this documentary video of how Pablo Escobar created a hippo problem is pretty interesting.

Pablo Escobar and Hippos

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MADtv Neighbor Camera Skit is Relative to Todays World

This MADtv skit video from the 90’s is probably so relevant to how today’s world works with cameras. This skit has aged particularly well that is for sure.

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The Lion King is Here with Unbelievable Graphics (Video)

You read it right. There is a new Lion King coming out and it is all sorts of realistic. This Lion King movie trailer will show you just how far technology has come.

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Smash Bros Trailer Synced with Queen Song (Video)

If you’re a gamer and a music lover then this is the perfect video for you. We have the new Smash Bros Ultimate trailer played with Queen’s Dont Stop Me Now song. Bravy!

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Axe Angel: Technology That Will Blow Your Mind (Video)

This will blow your mind. If not, then something is wrong with you. Meet the Axe Angel. This is what technology can do today.


Interesting Scenes Adults Noticed in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Movie

There’s always some sort of secret in every movie. If you saw Ferris Bueller’s Day Off when you were young you may have overlooked these scenes.

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2 Dogs, 1 Guy Surfing (Video)

I don’t know whether this is a crazy video, stupid video or just pure talent. This man straight up is surfing with two dogs on his board. I would say talent with a bit of stupidity.

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Ultimate Warrior vs Undertaker in the Real WWF Days

For all the classic WWF fans out there, we wanted to drop you a real WWF classic match back from the 90’s. Introducing the Ultimate Warrior vs Undertaker in 1991.

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Who Would Want This Job? Nope. Not Me!

Want to see something mildly interesting? Courtesy of the mildlyinteresting subreddit, we found something that caught our eye today. It’s like Where’s Waldo because you’re going to really have to look here…

Window Washer on Luxor

Yes, that is the window washer on the Luxor in Las Vegas. Want that job?

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10 Movies That Have Two Twists You Probably Didn’t Know About (Watch)

We all love movies with a good twist to them. But do you know of movies that have more than one twist to it? If you think you know it all, it’s time to watch this video on movies with two twists (you probably never thoughts about). We call these smart movies.

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Bad Lip Reading: Mark Zuckerberg Video

The Bad Lip Reading videos never get old. Especially when the videos involve big news. This is one of the funniest news bad lip readings with Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook court situation.

Facebook Bad Lip Reading Video