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Hold My Beer While I Waterski on This Chair

Fail or success? Take a look as this guy decides to go water skiing on this recliner chair right here. Hold my beer he says.

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Cool Bus Driver Saves a Life (Video)

Another humans being bros video of probably the coolest bus drive saving a life of a pedestrian right here. What a situation, and a casual fist bump at the end like its no big deal. What a boss.

Coolest Bus Driver Prevents Pedestrian Accident from r/HumansBeingBros

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Stinky Situation in Portland (Clip)

We love the subreddit Human Being Bros. So you will start seeing much more awesome video clips of people doing great things. Even something as simple as helping out a skunk who had a can stuck to its head.

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This Kangaroo Has a Man’s Best Friend (Video)

The things you do for your dog. This guy has balls and I mean big ones because kangaroos aren’t your most friendly animal. Bravo though, bravo.

oh with a little spin at the end..


Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Spicy Wings (Video)

The Texas rattlesnake, Steve Austin, goes up against some spicy wings. The First We Feast Youtube channel has a lot of celebs eating wings and all sorts of food – but we just had to post the one with Stone Cold.

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So Much Shampoo Prank – Funny Video

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To the Men Who Drink White Claw (Funny Video)

This is for you guys. To the guys who drink White Claw you have saddened all the real men who drink beer today.

*Drinks White Claw Once*

*Drinks White Claw Once*

Posted by Trevor Wallace on Tuesday, June 25, 2019

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Kinsey Sue Gone Wild (Video & Pictures)

If you’re a sports fan then you already know about Kinsey Sue aka Kinsey Wolanski’s main event. If not, she’s the woman who streaked during the UEFA Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur, whom is now a legend. To the men at least.

Let’s get to some of her other remarkable moments, featuring her body? Continue…

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Otters Playing with Dogs Video

Because why not? Why not put a cute and funny animal video here for a quick laugh. Who would of known, otters playing with labs. LOL.

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Mad TV Season7 E09 – High School Wrestling with Triple H

If you were a mad TV fan this has to of been a top 10 mad tv episodes. Season 7, episode 9 where they have a high school wrestling meet… with Triple H.

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This Cat NEVER Let the Dog into the Garden (Video)

We have to occasionally put in some cute cat and dog videos for you to giggle at. This funny animal video is a hoot. This cat will never let the dog into the garden. Just watch.

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Emily Zeck aka That Pineapple Girl Has The Moves – Video

That Pineapple Girl on Instagram is at it again with her humor. She wants Coca Cola to sponsor her so she thought this funny dancing video would fit well. You’re hired!

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– Sponsor me @cocacola #thotianachallenge

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