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Hold My Beer While I Ride This Trash Can

Dude, where’s your car? Who cares this guy says. Watch as this guy rides a garbage can down a hill. Yes, that’s what it’s come down to. I mean, what could go wrong?

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Oh What Could Go Wrong When I Ride on By and Do This?

C’mon now dude, what do you think could go RIGHT in this? Here’s a dumb GIF for ya to shake your head at.

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Crazy Dude Jumps into Lion Closure and Ut Oh… (Video)

I’m not sure if this crazy guy jumping into the lion cage should go under WTF, crazy or bizarre category but we don’t have a category for crazy people like this guy.

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Your New Favorite Drunk Fail GIFS for Thirsty Thursday

Nothing gives me a bigger ‘SMH’ than a dumb drunk. That’s why this is one of my favorite drunk fails picture album now.

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The Neighbors From Hell (Video)

Yes, these are all legit personal videos. We all have those a*hole neighbors but jeez these people catch every move from all these neighbors from hell in this neighbors compilation.

Weird Inventions

Back to the Dumbest Japanese Inventions Ever

The Japanese are smart, yes. But come on people. To get straight to it, heres the dumbest Japanese inventions ever- of today so far.

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At Last, the Dumbest People in the World Have Been Found! (15 GIFS)

Nothing better than finally finding some of the dumbest people in the world all in GIFS. Enjoy these dumb people GIFS, as we like to call them, and a nice shake of the head.

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These Guys Do One Painful Lego Challenge (Video)

But why? Why would you do such a painful thing with legos. We all know it hurts when you step on a lego. Let’s check out these pranksters (or idiots) in t heir painful lego challenge video.

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Criminals With the Most Ironic Names Ever

Their parents didn’t love them when they were born for giving their children these names. Here’s a list of some of the weirdest, ironic names of criminals who checked in.

Real Criminals Who Happen to Have the Most Ironic Names Ever

Fail Pictures

10 Situations That Probably Didnt End Well

Safety first they say, right? Hm, c’mon people you will own the fail pictures category with these failed attempts at life.

Safety First Pics 1

Safety First Pics 2

Safety First Pics 3

Safety First Pics 4

Safety First Pics 5

Safety First Pics 6

Safety First Pics 7

Safety First Pics 8

Safety First Pics 9

Safety First Pics 10

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Crazy GIFS of People Who Do Stupid Things (19 GIFS)

Oh, what could go wrong you ask? Ugh, well here we go with some crazy gifs of stupid people who have to ask that question over and over again.

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Truck Crashes into High Way Sign. Uh… (Video)

Does he not know his truck is up? Yep, I guess not because this is a big OUCHIE!